Powerite PAL Underwater and Aquatic Lighting System
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The Powerite PAL-2L, PAL-2P and PAL-2FR provide a totally unique concept in Underwater and Outdoor Aquatic Architectural Lighting Design that work both in and out of water..

A soft evenly distributed light is now possible from the moulded prismatic lens design that provides the PAL with an outstanding illumination in all Landscape Lighting Applications.
The PAL operates from a Safe 12V Supply and fully complies with IEC 598-2-18, IEC/AS/NZS 60598.2.18 (Underwater Lights IPX8), UL 676 listed (E239438) and CE certified.

The All Moulded Construction provides corrosion free leak proof design.

The Powerite PAL-2L is an hard wired wiring system and the Powerite PAL-2P is a "Plug-In" wiring system to simplify installation. Both systems use no cable joints and single wire runs.

The Powerite PAL-2FR is a NEW low profile aquatic light for lighting Paths, Ponds, Walls or Gardens and is fitted with our NEW LAR Colour Lock LED Lamp.

We also now have NEW 12V Transformers with Terminal Block connections available in 100VA, 200VA and 340VA versions. For more information please click here.

Landscape Lighting Applications

Now with the one Low-Voltage light fitting all outdoor lighting techniques including underwater applications can be achieved. There is a range of "clip-on" coloured lenses and accessories to adapt the PAL-2L and PAL-2P to any lighting effect using a 10,000 hour Xenon 20W lamp.

Alternatively the New LAU LED Colour Lock Lamp (PAL-2L or PAL-2P) or LAR LED Colour Lock Lamp (PAL-2FR) can be used. These lamps provide six (6) Fixed Colours, two (2) Colour effects and three (3) selectable start colours and the LAU is designed to fit into all new and existing PAL lighting products.

square PAL-2L - Landscape Lighting Applications
square PAL-2P - "Plug-In" Landscape Lighting Applications
square PAL-2FR - Low Profile Aquatic Light