Powerite PAL Underwater and Aquatic Lighting System
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PAL Aquatic Light
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Powerite PAL Aquatic Light Landscape Lighting Techniques

Step Light Concrete Light Wall Light


PAL Uplighting
PAL Up Lighting PAL Pond Lighting
Pole Lights - Timber
pole light Pole Light
  • Path and Road Lighting
  • Displaying Street Number
  • Highlighting Garden Features
Wall Lights - Brick
brick light Brick Light
The PAL-2L/2P fitting with Hood Cover can provide a unique lighting feature on walls to highlight street numbers and letter boxes, paths and driveways or gardens adjacent to the wall.
PAL Rock Light
rock light PAL Rock Light
  • Path and Road Lighting
  • Lighting Ponds & Water Features
  • Highlighting Garden Features
PAL Pond Light
PAL Pond Light
  • Lighting Ponds and Water Features
  • Lighting Single Garden Feature
  • Path Light
  • Pole Light
Wall Lights - Concrete Down Lights - Concrete

PAL-2RLH Housing

Utilising Class 9 50mm Pressure Pipe this unique new housing allows the PAL-2L or PAL-2P to be set in concrete or rock walls.

PAL-2RCH Housing

Utilising the PAL End Cap this unique new housing allows the PAL-2L or PAL-2P to be set in concrete walls or ceilings.

Other Landscape Lighting Techniques

  • Waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Step Lights
  • Water Features

By positioning the PAL the following landscape lighting effects can be simply obtained:

Lighting techniques 2