Powerite PAL Underwater and Aquatic Lighting System
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Powerite PAL Underwater Light
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The Powerite PAL Pool and Spa Lights are a unique Australian Made and Developed Underwater Pool and Spa lighting system suitable for Spa's, Bath's, Pond's, Above Ground or Concrete/Fibreglass Inground Pools.

A soft evenly distributed light is now possible from the moulded prismatic lens design that provides the PAL with an outstanding illumination eliminating the end shadow effect common with other existing pool lights, all this with a 10,000 hour life lamp or LED Colour Lock Lamp.

PAL Underwater Light Features

The PAL operates from a safe 12V supply and fully complies with IEC 598-2-18, IEC/AS/NZS 60598.2.18 (Underwater Lights IPX8), UL 676 listed (E239438) and CE certified.

The PAL has a unique extraction system to allow the light to be removed from the pool wall with no tools when the lamp has to be replaced as illustrated above.

The PAL Unique Underwater light is available in four different models depending on its application:

square PAL-2SP - Fibreglass Spa's, Bath's, Pond's
square PAL-2R - Fibreglass Pool's/Spa's or above Ground Pools
  PAL-2VA - Vinyl Liner Adaptor Kit *
square PAL-2RC - Concrete Pool's/Spa's
square PAL-2RCS - Concrete Pool's/Spa's (Adjustable Fitting)